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4 Reasons You Need A Health Insurance Broker in Georgia

Put an End to Aimless Research

Health Insurance is overwhelming. Complicated. Illogical.You could buy reference books, scour the internet, or read the government's materials.Or, you could tell me your situation, answer a few of my questions, and I'll tell you exactly what to do.It's like having a CPA do your taxes. But unlike a CPA, my services are complimentary.

Choose From All Major Insurance Companies

I am a licensed broker, which means I have access to several insurance companies. My loyalty is not tied to any one of them.Which type of plan is right for you? Which insurance company has the most competitive offering in your area? The answers to those 2 questions determine my recommendation.

Local Market Insights

You likely have 50+ Health Insurance plans to choose from.While it's nice to have options, the sheer number of plans can be overwhelming.I know the Georgia Health Insurance market intimately. Once I know your doctors, drugs, and healthcare needs, I can pinpoint the right plan for you.

1-on-1 Professional Guidance

You don't want to take advice from a call center employee who got their insurance license 2 weeks ago, do you?If you go to one of the big Health Insurance brands online, that's exactly what you'll get.When you hire me as your agent, you'll enjoy a more personalized and professional experience from someone who's been doing this for their entire career.


Individual & Family Plans

  • For those who don't get health insurance through an employer

  • I will show you options on the ACA Marketplace (Healthcare.gov) and elsewhere

  • Maximize the subsidies you're entitled to

  • Based on your doctors and prescription drugs, find the right "shortlist" of plans that are best for you

  • Determine your eligibility to enroll

  • I'll do all the paperwork for you

  • Find dental and vision coverage, if you need it

(Ages 65+)

  • Personalized, step-by-step guidance for how and when to enroll —everyone's situation is different

  • Navigating the enrollment steps with Social Security

  • Shop the entire market for the Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan that fits your needs and budget

  • Replacing your group benefits like dental & vision coverage

Small Businesses (2-20 Employees)

  • Traditional group health plans don't make sense anymore for small businesses

  • Instead, you can give employees pre-tax or post-tax dollars to buy coverage on their own

  • I'll show you how to make sure they actually spend the $ on insurance

  • The average small employer budgets ~$400/month per employee, but the amount you contribute is up to you

Andy Stroman, Licensed Health Insurance Broker

Health Insurance enrollment is a crucial thing to get right, but it's notoriously confusing and difficult. That's my opportunity to do something I'm passionate about—help others learn by breaking down complex topics into logical pieces. The best part of my job is hearing a new client say that they finally 'get it' after working with me.I'm Andy Stroman, an independent Health Insurance broker based in Georgia—Marietta to be exact. I grew up here, and I'm raising my family here.Over the course of my decade-plus career in the industry, I've helped thousands of people make decisions around their insurance benefits.I am a licensed life and health insurance agent in multiple U.S. states.
- National Producer Number: 17781806
- GA Resident Insurance License: 3030002

I work for my clients, not the insurance companies.

I'm a licensed insurance broker with access to numerous insurance companies. When you purchase an insurance plan through me, I'm paid a small commission by the insurance company you choose.You pay the same price whether you buy through me or directly from the insurance company. The commissions are built into the plan’s premium. Each insurance company pays roughly the same amount of commission to brokers like me.Benefits of this arrangement:- My interests are in-line with our clients, not the insurance company.
- You get access to the entire market.
- My services are complimentary, both when you buy a plan and throughout the year.

What My Clients Are Saying:

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Do you share customer information with any third parties?
Absolutely not. Under no circumstances will I ever share your name, phone number, email, DOB, or any other personal information with a third party. If you give me your contact information, only I will contact you.
How much do your services cost?
I don't charge my clients for my services.
If your services are free, how do you get paid?
I get paid a small commission from whichever insurance company I help you purchase a plan from. This doesn’t affect the price you pay for the plan. If you went directly to the insurance company to buy your plan, they’d charge you the same. They’d just use commission dollars to pay for their marketing costs instead.
Do you work for an insurance company?
No. I am an independent broker, which means I have access to sell products from several insurance companies. I don’t answer to any single insurance company.
This arrangement allows me much more flexibility to find the ideal solutions for my clients.

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